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Inbound marketing frequently asked questions:

Does inbound marketing actually work?

It does! This isn’t a trend; inbound marketing is here to stay because it intelligent & logical. Return on investment has been proven through case studies done by large corporations and small businesses alike including one by MIT University. If done properly, it provides a less expensive and more efficient lead-generation source than traditional outbound marketing methods. In addition, inbound marketing gives you an opportunity to develop thought leadership in your industry. There’s thousands of case studies of inbound marketing on every continent and every industry. Visit: to read all the case studies you desire.

How long does it take to see results with inbound marketing?

It’s difficult to say how long it will take to see results including roi. Leads can be generated with the first content that’s published. However, it’s important to understand that inbound marketing is not meant to be a quick fix or a short-term project. Realistically, it will probably take 3 months to start seeing a significant increase in the number of leads being generated and it can take 6 – 12 months to start seeing a return on your investment. There are a number of variables that impact results. These include: lead qualification criteria; volume of published content; your team’s willingness to participate in the process; the depth and breadth of your social media reach; the status and amount of contacts in your database and the length of sales cycle.

Why do I need E&A Digital republic to help with my inbound marketing? Can I do it on my own?

The simple answer is yes, you could definitely do it on your own, and many companies successfully do. Though majority of the companies that we’ve seen have the most success with inbound marketing have a full-time inbound marketing employees (or entire team) dedicated. With E&A digital republic services, you’ll have exclusive access to a team of inbound marketing experts and resources. In addition As a HubSpot agency , we effectively act as an extension of HubSpot. This means that we’re committed to maintaining the same high levels of customer satisfaction, solution quality and service delivery that you’d expect to receive from HubSpot.

However, in order to make your implementation more relevant, attainable and successful, you may need an additional layer of expertise and experience, that extends far beyond just setting up a piece of software. That’s where we come in.

Can we develop our own content?

The short answer: Absolutely! Long answer: We strongly encourage clients who do not already have established and consistent blog publishing on record to utilize our writers until they get up and running. Creating strategic, well-written content can be one of the most time consuming tasks as an inbound marketer.

How can your team develop content without being an expert in my industry?

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, unique content to every single client — no matter what industry they are in. The way that we’re able to do this is through a constantly growing pool of freelance writers that we work with depending on the needs of our clients. Our writers are professionals who have written across a variety of topics and are expected to do adequate research as needed. However, we also hire new writers for industry-specific content that is beyond our current writer’s capabilities. So, long story short… if our writers aren’t already experienced in writing for your industry, we’ll find some who are! Plus we also work hand in hand with your technical team to get specific and technical knowledge that relates to your industry.

I'm ready to get started with an inbound marketing strategy?

You’ve done your research and know inbound marketing is the best way to improve your marketing efforts. But getting started? Well, that’s another story. Setting goals, deciding on an automation software, developing buyer personas, and creating content are just a few things you know you need to do, but now you’re unsure of where to start.

We recommend starting with an Inbound Marketing Gameplan. The Gameplan is designed to help you get a better idea of where you are, who you want to target and then starts laying out a path towards success. You can call us on +27 011 759 4046 or drop us an email .

Why Start with a strategy and not jump straight into hubspot?

“Failure to plan, is planning to fail”. Often times before a business commits to moving on to HUBSPOT they want to know more specifically about the process and results they can expect. This is where a game plan comes in,
before you commit to Inbound for your business, you may feel better being able to see what the next 6-12 months of Inbound would look like specifically for your company. The game plan is practical educational process into inbound marketing and you also get a actionable strategy. It also allows you as the business to take us on a “test run” and see what it’s like to work with us.

I want to find out more about Hubspot. Do they have an FAQ page?

Yes, HubSpot has a very extensive FAQ page and you can learn more about the company and software here:

How much does HubSpot cost?

HubSpot has 3 different levels of pricing packages based on how many contacts you have and the set of tools your company requires. The Basic is $200 / per month (billed annually) ; The professional is $800/month (billed annually) and Enterprise is $2400/month (billed annually). We prefer our clients to be on the Professional package to extract optimum value.

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