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Marketing Management Consultants is different from other professional services. The reason behind this is  buyers of management consultants are only interested in one thing: Industry Knowledge. A Management consultant’s ability to demonstrate specialization and industry knowledge puts you ahead because buyers don’t want to educate consultants on their industry. 

Complex products and services can take weeks, months, even years to close. Building market awareness of your firm and establishing trust — takes a carefully calibrated set of marketing tools and techniques.

Buyers are looking for expertise to help them overcome strategic business problems which is why marketing that builds credibility an essential element of your firm’s success.  According to the Institute of Management Consultants, Publishing content such as case studies of successful engagements or writing blog posts about best practices demonstrates your professionalism and knowledge. 

67% more leads.

Companies that blog, generate 67% more leads with inbound marketing as compared to traditional marketing.

10x Conversion rate:

Inbound marketing can be up to 10 times as effective in terms of lead conversion than traditional marketing methods.

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Demonstrating Specialization through content marketing

Management consultants have the opportunity to demonstrate specialization through publish content online in niche fields. Publishing content in the form of writing articles, ebooks, industry reports enables firms to  clearly demonstrate their knowledge differentiate themselves from more broadly based management consultants.

What is content marketing strategy? 

A content marketing strategy is a plan for publishing, maintaining and distributing valuable and relevant content for your management consulting firm’s target audience in order to attract with the ultimate goal of acquiring them as a customer. Inbound marketing uses a content approach to draw your dream customers to you and converting them into leads with whom you can build a relationship and then nurturing those relationships, closing sales and turning them into advocates and repeat customers.

Defining Your Consulting Firm's Marketing Strategy.

Management Consulting Marketing

Simply put, a marketing strategy is anything you do to bring in new business or increase your consulting firm’s visibility and reputation. We’re not talking about strategies for closing sales once you have the opportunity – your marketing strategy is for generating those opportunities.

Why Inbound?

An Inbound Marketing Strategy also known as a Game plan is the first step in creating a strategic plan to grow your Management Consulting Firm. To build anything successful, one starts with a plan. The Inbound Marketing Game plan is a 12 month plan that includes an in-depth analysis of your current business. From defining your perfect customer to identifying sales targets and lead generation goals, we build a practical plan to that can be implemented to  you achieve your sales and marketing targets for the year ahead.

Goals of the game plan include:
  • Develop and Inbound Marketing strategy to coincide with your website and other marketing initiatives in your firm.
  • Create three Buyer Personas based on the research.
  • Identify key competitors marketing to similar audiences to your firm.
  • Suggest topics for blog posts, high-value offers and general website content using the high-value keywords identified in the Keyword Research Report
  • Develop an Inbound Marketing calendar that is used for planning content updates including social media content, blogging and website content.


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