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Over 44% of mobile device users have indicated having difficulties viewing a static website. A static website is a non traditional website that isn’t responsive. Often times without a CMS (content management system), and over 40% of mobile users polled said that navigation was difficult on smaller mobile devices.


Mobile website:

A mobile website is another version of your  website which has smaller dimensions meant for cell phones or tablets devices. This would mean that a website width would be around 320px. This would allow a mobile user to browse and interact with the website with ease. When you visit a desktop website with mobile phone you would have to “pinch” the screen so you can zoom in to read the text. For a short period of time, even to present day companies would have these mobile site use a domains like


  • Less Expensive.
  • Great for .mobi domains or



  • Different devices have different widths, may not fit perfectly.
  • Have to maintain two different websites.
  • Any traffic or SEO credibility on mobi site will not apply to main website (bad for SEO efforts)
  • Will have making development changes to keep up with Web development trends and browser compatibility


Responsive website:

These are websites that “Adapt” and transform the Website to fit the screen of your device. Responsive websites change to fit your screen like  an elastic band. Responsive websites are better because they cater to large screens and small screens. Meaning that even if you browse from your tv screen your website width would expand to a width that is viewable. The other aspect of Responsive website design is the ability of your website to adjust on landscape or portrait orientation of your device. Responsive web development is definitely the route to go as google favours this methodology of web development.


  • Less Web development time.
  • Will work on device irrespective of width
  • No additional .mobi domains.
  • Flexible Solution
  • Better for overall SEO as there’s only one domain for desktop and Mobile.


More Expensive.

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